All photographs shown in our portfolio page are of work and/or installation done by B&J Signs and Graphics. The logos shown are the property of the businesses they represent and their appearance does not indicate endorsement but merely represents the work and/or installation of B&J Signs and Graphics.

What is a sign?
A sign is the most direct form of visual communication available. In fact, so many people use signs without a second thought that it is easy to overlook their importance. When we cannot talk to other people directly in a given location, we tack up signs: "Wet Paint", "Beware of Dog", "Enter Here", "Garage Sale", etc. Signs are the only form of mass communication directly available to everyone--they are the people's street communication system.

What can signs do for your business?
Signs perform two major communication functions for your business:

  • They give information and direction
  • They provide a format for street advertising, they build your image


Fleet Graphics
Using advanced computer technology; B&J Signs can apply vinyl lettering, decals, and full color images to add a customized look to your company vehicle(s). See Photos »
Channel Lettering/Lighted Box
Give your storefront the most impact with sharp, professional built illuminated or non/illuminated letters. Great visibility both day and night.
See Photos »
- Iron Rod "A" Frames
- Iron "H" Frames
- Iron “L” Frames
- Large PVC “L” Frames
- Brochure Holders
See Photos »
The most popular magnetic sign size for large truck doors is 18" X 24". For cars with moldings, 12" X 24" or
12” x 18”. See Photos »
Lettering and Graphics
- Boat Lettering
- Logos and Graphics
- Vehicle Lettering
- Ready to Install Vinyl Lettering
- Window Lettering
- School Graphics
See Photos »

Commercial Banners
B&J Signs and Graphics offer a wide variety of sizes and colors to meet your requirements. Expert installation will ensure your banner receives the attention it deserves..
See Photos »

Real Estate Signs
Custom signs, posters, banners, and magnetic signs that promote your office or yourself with a professional image. See Photos »
Trade Show Displays
- Versatile Display Stands
- Flags
See Photos »
- Business Cards
- Postcards
- Brochures
- Invitations
- Memorials
- Menu
See Photos »
Occational Banners
Banners are made from high quality material with vinyl lettering and graphics.
See Photos »
More Products
  • Lot and Site Signs
  • Retail Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Street Signs
  • Trade Shows and Sign Displays
  • Wood and Aluminum Signs
  • And much More


  - Aluminum
- Commercial/Company Banners
- Commercial Signs
- Corrugated
- Full Color Printing
- Frames
- Banners
- Magnets
- Miscellaneous
- Posterboards
- Vehicle

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