B&J Signs and Graphics full service approach occurs across the entire lifespan of the project. Our business becomes an extension of your business. Our network of service and installation professionals is reliable and well tracked. We are confident in the success of each project we take on for our clients. Years of experience in the signage industry allows B&J Signs to price projects with maximum value for our clients. We design and build projects with an in-depth knowledge of materials and fabrication requirements. We are a company that is large enough to serve our clients accounts, but small enough to remain competitively priced. Our experience in the past has earned us expertise in the present and gives us vision for the future.

Pricing Policy

  • Prices and items are subject to change without notice. B&J Signs and Graphics reserve the right to limit purchase quantities and to discontinue items. B&J Signs and Graphics are not responsible for, and will not honor, printing or typographical errors after approval of proof/presentation and/or workorder.
  • Quantity discounts on most signs.

How much is this sign going to cost me? Sometimes customers are surprised that good signs cost what they do. They forget the value that the sign represents. Here are some thoughts to remember when considering the price of a sign:

  • It would seem like small signs should cost a lot less than big ones. But if the design and labor are the same as a larger sign, they do not.
  • Residential signs take the same amount of labor as commercial signs, and the pricing is the same, even though the customer might feel that there is less "payback".
  • What the sign is going to be used for (e.g. temporary "election signs") has nothing to do with the amount of labor needed to produce it.
  • Doing several of the same kind of signs never reduces the price per sign as much as some people think.
  • Design time should be compensated for.

Even though there might be an existing logo, this does not save as much design time as people might think. After scanning, cleaning, modifying, refining, and getting approval from the customer, sometimes there is very little savings compared to us developing original art. Custom signs (as their name states) are all different and thus it is impossible to present set prices. We will try to give general guidelines that will give the customer an approximate idea of how much a sign is going to cost him/her (e.g. banner prices) but it is better to call and come in with specifications.

There is a fee to incorporate a logo into your design, if your design requires us to “Touch it Up” starting from US$25.00 and up (price varies on the complexity of the logo) if you provide us with camera-ready art, which helps us expedite the order. If camera-ready artwork is not supplied, artwork cleanup might be necessary and a layout must be approved prior to producing the order. There is a one-time fee for producing the layout design, depending on the time spent and the complexity of the graphics.

Quick and Easy Ordering

  • Friendly and knowledgeable, we service requests by phone, e-mail, or 24 hr fax line.

Artwork and Design

  • Work directly with B&J professional artists. Free proof, revisions, and inspections.
  • Artwork and design not paid for customers are sole ownership of B&J Signs.
  • Free layout and proofs for review and revision only. Copies not given out, unless pre-ordered with required down payment. Quality Guaranteed
  • B&J products set the standard for customer satisfaction. On-Time Services direct from our office as promised.
  • Free delivery for the Island of Oahu only, if needed, when available.
  • Contact us by email or phone with any questions that you may have
    regarding installation.

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card


  - Aluminum
- Commercial/Company Banners
- Commercial Signs
- Corrugated
- Full Color Printing
- Frames
- Banners
- Magnets
- Miscellaneous
- Posterboards
- Vehicle

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